I’ve known Luca for a long time and I’ve already collaborated with him on other occasions. Including him in this project was the natural continuation of an exchange that starts from a long-standing personal relationship as well as professional esteem.

With Luca we made three artist sweaters for the second edition of the ART SWEATER ART project. I still remember the difficulty I had in choosing the final work, all his designs had a unique magnetism.
In the end I had to make a decision and the choice fell on one of his first proposals. The work he created was reproduced on both the front and back of the jersey. I chose to make three pieces that presented the same design but in different colors, each of which is reproduced as a unique piece. Each sweater is sold together with the original work or a copy made in fine art printing.

ART SWEATER ART sees the involvement of emerging artists for the creation of reproducible works on knitwear garments, limited editions to bring art into an everyday dimension.
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Luca’s work moves between drawing, painting, sculpture and installation, oscillating between figuration and abstraction. Drawing and assembling sculptures is his way of making visible a research that, before being artistic, is human.
The tightrope that pulls his work is a strong fascination with the inner life of each person, how it is in constant movement, often autonomous and how it is possible to develop a lucid and conscious look at this process of transformation that helps to influence it.
The charcoal and ink works are intentionally deprived of color and three-dimensionality, a non-didactic drawing but with a strong symbolic charge, partially legible and deliberately “noisy” images.
The ideal intent is to put in front of the observer a mirror that reflects the mystery and the potentiality that everyone possesses.
Luca Cuozzo lives and works in Berlin.

Atelier Verderame Srls
vat no 05100540755

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