Sister of soul, after years of friendship I contacted her to develop with her one of the three sweaters designed for the first edition of ART SWEATER ART. The garment, in one piece, is sold together with the original work.

ART SWEATER ART sees the involvement of emerging artists for the creation of reproducible works on knitwear garments, limited editions to bring art into an everyday dimension.
Read the article on Your Legs by Lara Gigante to find out more.

An artisan artist, Giorgia moves between painting, sculpture and ceramics, which often merge and become one in the work to be created. For her the boundary that divides art from craftsmanship is very blurred, almost non-existent: in their coexistence and on this combination is based all her research.
She lives and works between Naples and Lecce.

Atelier Verderame Srls
vat no 05100540755

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