Chiara was among the first people contacted to collaborate on the ART SWEATER ART project.
Her playful and light-hearted style conquered me right away. A few years after our first meeting, I asked her to create an illustration for a project I was working on; as a good experimenter, she immediately responded positively to the proposal. The result was a unique sweater with an inlay design, sold together with the original illustration.

ART SWEATER ART sees the involvement of emerging artists for the realization of reproducible works on knitwear, limited editions to bring art in an everyday dimension.
Read the article on Your Legs by Lara Gigante to find out more.

Designer and illustrator, Chiara elaborates dreamlike and poetic imagery. Her bizarre characters evoke a fantastic and surreal world in which to get lost and dream. Chiara’s activity is also oriented to the world of publishing, self publishing and animation, as well as the realization of workshops for children.
She lives and works between Milan and Lecce.

Atelier Verderame Srls
vat no 05100540755

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